Interview – Ambassador Aslı Üğdül

Interview conducted by Ayse Abaci in English.

Ambassador Aslı Üğdül and Ayse Abaci

By focusing on regional issues, La Regionisto aims to deepen the curiosity for the countless territories of Europe and beyond. In this respect, we had the privilege to interview Ambassador Aslı Üğdül, whose career is of exceptional importance. Thanks to her various posts in several regions and countries, she has accumulated an impressive professional and personal experience that she shared with us.

After four years in Bratislava, Ambassador Aslı Üğdül has just finished her mission at the Slovak Republic, which marked the end of her 39-year diplomatic career. She was one of the women diplomats of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Nowadays, women represent more than a third (37%) of Turkish Diplomats and 25% of the Ministry’s Ambassadors. Ambassador Aslı Üğdül is married to a Turkish Diplomat as well: they successfully raised their family over 40 years. Therefore, she gave us valuable insights into the life of a diplomatic family.


  • Interview: Ayse Abaci
  • Video: Jakub Sypiański
  • Editing: La Regionisto Team

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