Cappadocia: The land of beautiful horses

Article by Selin Somuncu in Turkish and English. Kapadokya: Güzel Atlar Ülkesi Kapadokya bölgesi yüzyıllar boyunca, bulunduğu topraklarda meydana gelen değişimlerden etkilenmesine rağmen, bir yandan da eşsiz güzelliği ve doğasıyla aynı kalmıştır. Günümüzde, Kapadokya Türkiye’nin en gözde turistik bölgelerinden biri olma özelliğini taşır.  Kapadokya Bölgesi’nin büyük bir kısmı Türkiye’nin İç Anadolu Bölgesi’nde yer alan Nevşehir iliContinue reading “Cappadocia: The land of beautiful horses”

The Forgotten Phenomenon of Twin Cities. City-to-city relations on the edge of Eastern Europe

Article written by Erekle Iantbelidze, in Georgian and English. The Forgotten Phenomenon of Twin Cities. City-to-city relations on the edge of Eastern Europe February 2021 marked the centenary of the occupation of Georgia by the Soviet Union. Numerous public events honoured the victims of political repression and aggression by the Communist regime. Telavi, the capitalContinue reading “The Forgotten Phenomenon of Twin Cities. City-to-city relations on the edge of Eastern Europe”

L’Eurovision : derrière les paillettes, des rivalités régionales bien visibles

Article written by Pierre Rondeau in French and English Eurovision: behind the fireworks, latent regional rivalries After a long year of forced break due to the pandemic, artists and fans from all over Europe and beyond can once more enjoy their favorite competition. This 66th edition takes place in Rotterdam with 39 participating countries fightingContinue reading “L’Eurovision : derrière les paillettes, des rivalités régionales bien visibles”

The Language for Whom the Bell Tolls

Article written by Adam Volf, in English. Lethargy, apathy, and ineffective methods – the issues which challenge the Irish language’s survival, and how it must be saved. Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam ‘A country without a language is a country without a soul’  (Patrick Pearse, Irish writer, poet, revolutionary). How does one revive aContinue reading “The Language for Whom the Bell Tolls”

Interview – Ambassador Aslı Üğdül

Interview conducted by Ayse Abaci in English. By focusing on regional issues, La Regionisto aims to deepen the curiosity for the countless territories of Europe and beyond. In this respect, we had the privilege to interview Ambassador Aslı Üğdül, whose career is of exceptional importance. Thanks to her various posts in several regions and countries,Continue reading “Interview – Ambassador Aslı Üğdül”

French centralism in the Covid-19 era: The awakening of the Regional Force

Article written by Vincent Mendes Dos Reis, in French and English. Le centralisme français à l’ère de la Covid-19 :  Le réveil de la Force régionale  Le centralisme à la française semble inscrit dans notre ADN culturel et historique. Tout enfant Français apprend à l’école que Louis XIV a uni le territoire, que la RévolutionContinue reading “French centralism in the Covid-19 era: The awakening of the Regional Force”

Belgian, Dutch or Flemish? Searching for a Lingua Franca in Multilingual Flanders

Article written by Stef Borgers, in French and English. Belge, néerlandais ou flamand ? À la recherche d’une lingua franca dans la Flandre multilingue Essayer de comprendre la Belgique est un exercice complexe. Le pays est spécial à bien des égards, par exemple pour avoir choisi un petit bonhomme qui fait pipi comme l’un deContinue reading “Belgian, Dutch or Flemish? Searching for a Lingua Franca in Multilingual Flanders”

European Space Policy, a very local activity

Article written by Bastien Girard, in French and English. L’espace et le développement régional dans l’UE : le cas de la Guyane française Introduction Depuis la Guerre froide, la politique spatiale a souvent été considérée au prisme des concepts des Relations Internationales. Toutefois, limiter la compréhension de la politique spatiale à ses dimensions de puissance, deContinue reading “European Space Policy, a very local activity”

For the praise of the contemporary European flâneur

Article written by Jacopo Giraudo, in English. To understand cities, one must have an inside view. (1) If it is correct that one should not overdo with subjective perception because one still needs proper methodological tools (2), the first-person experience allows us to better appreciate what encompasses us. It is evident and predictable that only whatContinue reading “For the praise of the contemporary European flâneur”

“Toss a coin to your Witcher oh”, the region of Kielce

Article written by Wojciech Łysak, in English. Is there a link between witchcraft, periglaciation and gaming industry? Legends from the region of Świętokrzyskie (Holy Cross) Mountains provide one. Surrounding the city of Kielce in south-central Poland, this robustly green, picturesque area is covered by small (highest peak is just 614 meter) mountains that due to centuries ofContinue reading ““Toss a coin to your Witcher oh”, the region of Kielce”