The Four Regionalists

La Regionisto was created by four friends, Valeria, Victor, Louis and Jacopo with one aim, enable as many people as possible to express their vision of the territories!

The Four Regionalists in Natolin – Photo by Maëva Pusiol

Valeria Manzione


La Regionisto project makes me really proud. This journal represents my deep conviction: territories have a central role in the European integration. Acknowledging the territorial  particularities and histories is necessary to enhance mutual comprehension.

Victor Bonnot

Vice-President and Treasurer

How to bring the European Union closer to the citizens?“. This is the question I have been asking myself (and I am far from being the only one) ever since I came closer to Europe. Beyond the Member States, I have realised that territories can be an essential part of the answer. They have a fundamental role to play in the European project. Understanding Europe in a broad sense means knowing who our neighbors are. This is why the project of La Regionisto was born: to learn from our territories, to understand the connections between them, to discover or rediscover new cultures and new histories under the eye and the pen of those who live there. To be European means also to have a local perspective. It is therefore time to make the voice of Europe’s regions heard!

Louis Brendel


My attraction to Europe and the regions stems not only from my studies between Strasbourg and Warsaw, but also from my deep conviction that the European project is built first when it is close to its citizens and its territories. The initiatives taken in the framework of the “Regions of Europe” society, created this year at the College of Europe in Natolin, are part of this approach. With La Regionisto, my aim is to enable students to present their territories of origin or those in which they have a particular interest to us by being free to express their opinions. The diversity of the debates and the spaces discussed show that Europe, far from being just a bubble of Brussels institutions, must deal with the different debates on the place of the local level and local cultures.

Jacopo Giraudo

Secretary-General and Cultural editor

Territorial identity is a primary element of ourselves, a feature that helps define who we are and how we relate to the world around us. From a European perspective, the connection with regions and local entities becomes crucial to conceive a unifying project, in which each person can feel represented. La Regionisto is an ambitious initiative that I enthusiastically espoused because it aims to communicate a precise message. Since multilevel identity is a desirable answer to the perception of disorientation that a globalized world can produce in ourselves, it is conceivable to feel Piedmontese, Italian and European at the same time.

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